About Us

Since 2015, MedCost Solutions has been leading the health sharing industry in providing superior service for claim repricing, balance bill advocacy, and self-pay patient legal support.


Located in North Canton, Ohio, MedCost Solutions began business with a passion to see growth in the health sharing industry and a mission to provide support to groups of likeminded individuals choosing the option of medical cost sharing.


MCS offers its partners:

  • Discount Service Card for:
  • Claim Repricing
  • Advocacy for Balance Billing
  • Legal Support for Balance Billing


Creating Client-Specific Provider Access

Direct Provider Contracting through MCS has proven to bring program savings. MCS has the tools to add critical providers to your program and significantly decrease medical spending and member out-of-pocket costs.


How It Works

MCS contracts with medical providers nationwide to serve employers' program members. This is a way to provide easy access for physicians and other medical services while giving members low-costs and high-quality medical providers.


  1. By utilizing experienced contractors with extensive provider data, MCS is able to identify and contract with hospitals and physicians in a geographical area.
  2. MCS provides transparency when it comes to pricing and can help eliminate a PPO.
  3. This is a solution that can also be used by employers to add specific hospitals or physicians to decrease member’s out-of-pocket cost.


330-426-8866 | info@medcostsolutions.com


Phone:  330 426 8866

Fax:  234 214 0906

Address:  4786 Dressler Rd NW Ste 101 Canton Oh 44718-2555

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